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  The company pay much attention to the staff educational training from beginning to end, they insist on "enhance business skills, training excellent staff" as the training's key point. Keep on studying & improving, and constantly perfect training system and processes, so as to make the staff training more institutionalized, standardized, scientific.

  On the basis of the development of every step, the Training Center timely invites more experts and professors to teach us, The training content relates to all aspects of the culture, from the corporate culture to the learning organization; from the problem awareness and the work improvement to the protection of environment, and so so. Moreover, we also invite experts to our company fro perennial consulting and guidance.

  In order to meet the high-end international customers' demand, and put the skills and know-how of the workers at the production line into effect, Our company introduced the standardized training methods of advanced international enterprises in 2008, At present all plants are able to train staff according to this way which makes the production line workers become indispensable skill talents.

  In order to enhance the core competitiveness and cultivate experts of ourown, the company cooperates with universities in long-term. Since 2004, the company has successfully conducted 2 periods of high-level-research class and 1 period of mechanical postgraduated class with universities. Now, all of the engaged staff become backbones and experts who are now endeavour to promote the development of the company. Simutaneously, in order to adapt to the developing trend, participate to the global purchasing system. In the year of 2009, the company joint forces again with universities, sign an agreement of cooperatively cultivate engineering masters. And, also in 2009, 29 engineering backbones passed the stational GCT exams and interview of the universities, the passing rate reaches to 83%.

  So as to further improve the entire quality of the staff and train excellent staff, the company develops 2 programs of training which are “Build 1st Class Team” and “Yubei Characters and Morals”. We have held 24 terms of training in which 1000 people participated.

  We are sure that our training work will be more and more better as there is great support and attention from the management people of the company and the active participation of all employees.

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